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Cultural Exchange

Cultural Exchange-Dublin, has been created in order to gather foreign people living in Dublin by arranging different parties-events where everyone will have the chance to interact each other while having fun in a great international atmosphere.
We want to promote a type of events in Dublin where people from all over the world living in Dublin can meet in order to:
– Share experiences
– Meet people from many different nationalities.
– Understand, learn and respect different points of views depnding on the own cullture.
– Promote, Cultural Exchange.
– Promote integration to all international comunities livingin Dublin.
and all this in a very informal meeting while having some drinks (alcoholic or non alcoholic), eating some international food, dancing musics of the world in order to create a great intercultural atmosphere while having fun.
In spite of having so many different cultures living together in Dublin, we believe that we can have a common factor for all of us by these Cultural Exchange Parties.
As this is a new project, we wish to invite you to participate and take part of this Cultural Exchange by representing your country.
Cultural Exchange Launch Party will be celebrated on Thursday 6 May at Sin Theatre Bar (Temple Bar) and it can host up to 800 people.

Cultural Exchange Party
Thursday 6 May
Sin Theatre Bar (Temple Bar, Sycamore Street 17-19).
Tickets (only door): 8 euro, 6 euro (with flyer)
Door open 8 p.m. Free canapes and international food served to welcome our early international guests.
Drinks from 3euros
Ethnic music, 90´s dance music, international tunes. Speaker and DJ



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