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Polish films at the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival 2010

All That I Love (Wszystko co kocham), dir. Jacek Borcuch

Special Presentation – 28 Feb 2010 – 14:00 (100 mins)

at Cineworld

Jacek Borcuch, the film director will meet the audience after the screening

Poland, 1981: Behind the Iron Curtain, Janek (Kosciukiewicz), the teenage son of a navy captain, forms ATIL (All That I Love), a punk-rock band whose songs express a frustration with socialism and a desire for freedom, echoing the sentiments of the risin Solidarity movement. At the same time, Janek finds love with Basia (Frycz), a young woman whose father is part of the movement and disapproves of Janek’s military family. When growing social turmoil leads to martial law, Janek’s relationships and ATIL’s music cause serious consequences for his family members, lovers, and friends.

Jacek Borcuch refreshes the coming-of-age film and its familiar tropes — teenage rebellion, first love, and sexual exploration — by setting it within a sobering socio- historical context. His camera captures a conflicting sense of potential change and stifling paranoia, with freedom just out of sight for his protagonists. All That I Love is a bracing, potent reminder that the personal can’t be easily separated from the political.

Q & A session with Jacek Borcuch, the film director, will follow the screening!!!

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Snow White And Russian Red,(Wojna polsko-ruska pod flag? bia?o-czerwon?), dir. Xawery ?u?awski

25 Feb 2010 – 20:45 (108 mins)

at Lighthouse Cinema Smithfield

This adaptation of the controversial literary debut by the then 18-year-old Polish writer Dorota Maslowska tells the story of a tough nationalist, homophobe, racist and anti-semite called Silny (Szyc). His girlfriend Magda leaves him and he gets together with the satanist virgin Angela. Together, they hang out in the nihilistic environment of drug-dependent urban wretches, whom Silny regards with a wry commentary fed on black humour and paranoia.
Snow White and Russian Red is a poetic, direct and disturbing portrayal of love, hopelessness and political burnout in contemporary Central and Eastern Europe. It’s just as frenzied and insane (in the positive sense) as the novel and even incorporates author Mas?owska into the plot – playing herself. This praiseworthy attempt to adapt a challenging literary model for the screen unquestionably preserves the clarity and spirit of Mas?owska’s original work.

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The screenings of Polish films at the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival have been proudly supported by the  Polish Film Institute in cooperation with the Polish Embassy in Dublin.



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