Business Forum Ireland is aimed at members of migrant communities in Ireland, interested in starting up, financing and growing their business in Ireland.

The 3rd edition of the Forum provides up and running entrepreneurs with practical skills on tax and accounting, legal forms of running a business in Ireland, marketing solutions, grants and possible support for start-ups.

The report on the challenges and promise for immigrant entrepreneurship in Dublin, launched last year in the capital, was drawn up by US Fulbright Scholar Dr Jack Pinkowski and Dublin City Council. Dr Pinkowski said in the report: “Dublin may be a leader and trend setter in this new approach to economic development that will directly contribute to expansion of the gross national product (GNP) by encouraging new growth in domestic firms through entrepreneurship.” According to him, all that is needed to achieve this fit is to create a more conducive atmosphere for immigrants to operate and start up their businesses.

Organised as part of Dublin INNOVATION WEEK (November 11-21st 2010), the Business Forum is aimed at existing and emerging businesses run in Ireland by ethnic entrepreneurs.

Seminar Programme:

* Irish Business Environment. Opportunities and challenges for Migrant Entrepreneurs in Ireland
* Accountancy and Taxation
* Business Planning
* Enterprise Through Self-Employment. Financial Support for Start-ups
* Ethnic entrepreneurship in Ireland. Support and Trainings for business people
* Marketing & Online Identity

More information & Bookings:

Contact:, or call Anna 085-154-1454 for more information.

Our partners include: Germain & Associates, First Step Microfinance, Innovation Dublin,  Forum Polonia, Mad Art Studio, Ryanair

Media: Polski Express Magazine,, Nasha Gazeta, Lietuvis, Sveiks, Metro Eireann, Engage Your Mind @ Dublin City FM