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About Us


Forum Polonia is a cooperative platform that brings together representatives of various Polish community organisations, the media, and individuals involved in projects relating to the Polish minority and its links to Irish society as a whole.
The Forum operates through information exchanges, mutual supports, social integration, and promoting and developing the interests of the Polish community in the Republic of Ireland.


The Forum aims to:

  • plan cooperative activities to promote and enhance the image of the Polish community in Ireland and facilitate integration,
  • exchange information about the Polish community and about the life of the Polish community in Ireland,
  • reach a common policy stance on issues relevant to the Polish community.

The Forum provides a platform for:

  • the implementation of joint projects by working groups,
  • cooperation and links with Poland (Polish government bodies, NGOs, etc.),
  • cooperation and liaison with Ireland (Irish government bodies, NGOs, etc.),
  • cooperation with the Polish Diaspora worldwide.


The Forum is a non-profit organisation and operates on the basis of:

  • voluntary participation and cooperative involvement

It functions through:

  • having a network of links and contacts which facilitate information exchanges as well as mutual supports and assistance,
  • establishing of working groups to initiate, develop and implement projects coordinated by a project leader,
  • cooperating with other bodies in Poland, and Polish community organisations, etc.,
  • holding regular meetings to discuss the significant issues, problems, challenges and initiatives,
  • having an Internet forum.


All policy positions and projects are adopted by the Forum on the basis of consensus by participating members – either through the Internet Forum and/or during meetings. These are initiated by the project/initiative leader who is responsible for identifying and developing the policy positions of the Forum as well as for the development of projects.

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