Campaign launch encouraging Polish migrants to vote on Irish candidates in the upcoming European Parliament elections.

fot: Monika Chmielarz Polish migrants' rights organsation Forum Polonia is launching today (10.05.2024) an awareness-raising campaign to inform and encourage the Polish community to vote in the upcoming European Parliament elections. The organisation decided to run...

Irish-Polish Community Calls for Increased Political Representation on 20th Anniversary of Poland’s EU Entry

Members of Ireland’s Polish community gathered outside Leinster House on 1st of May 2024 to mark the 20th anniversary of Poland joining the EU. Organised by Forum Polonia, the Polish migrants' rights organisation, the gathering highlighted the experiences of the...


Advocating for the interests of the Polish Diaspora in Ireland and promoting and supporting its engagement in Irish society.


The Polish Diaspora in Ireland is influential and integrated on cultural and civic levels, and its interests are secured.


Equality, respect for diversity, social integration, democracy, respect, cooperation, respect for cultural diversity, and civic activity.



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