About Us


Forum Polonia is a cooperative platform that brings together representatives of various Polish community organisations, the media, and individuals involved in projects relating to the Polish minority and its links to Irish society as a whole.
The Forum operates through information exchanges, mutual supports, social integration, and promoting and developing the interests of the Polish community in the Republic of Ireland.


Advocating for the interests of the Polish Diaspora in Ireland and promoting and supporting its engagement in Irish society.


The Polish Diaspora in Ireland is influential and integrated on cultural and civic levels, and its interests are secured.


Equality, respect for diversity, social integration, democracy, respect, cooperation, respect for cultural diversity, and civic activity.

Priorities of Forum Polonia:

We expect that Irish institutions responsible for developing and monitoring the Integration Strategy will cooperate with us and other Polish non-governmental organizations in this area. We aim for this cooperation to be long-term.

We want institutions that prepare strategies and actions related to integration and migrant assistance in Ireland to seek the opinions of representatives of the Polish community, given their knowledge and experience in areas of local and national policy such as health, employment, housing, civic activity, media, etc.

We expect that state institutions will provide adequate support for actions aimed at better integration of the Polish community in Ireland.

We expect that the fee for Irish citizenship will be conditioned on income levels.

We expect the Irish government to increase the number of teachers from the Polish community, as well as to provide support for school classes teaching the Polish language at both primary and secondary levels.


The Forum aims to:

  • plan cooperative activities to promote and enhance the image of the Polish community in Ireland and facilitate integration,
  • exchange information about the Polish community and about the life of the Polish community in Ireland,
  • reach a common policy stance on issues relevant to the Polish community.

The Forum provides a platform for:

  • the implementation of joint projects by working groups,
  • cooperation and links with Poland (Polish government bodies, NGOs, etc.),
  • cooperation and liaison with Ireland (Irish government bodies, NGOs, etc.),
  • cooperation with the Polish Diaspora worldwide.


The Forum is a non-profit organisation and operates on the basis of:

  • voluntary participation and cooperative involvement

It functions through:

  • having a network of links and contacts which facilitate information exchanges as well as mutual supports and assistance,
  • establishing of working groups to initiate, develop and implement projects coordinated by a project leader,
  • cooperating with other bodies in Poland, and Polish community organisations, etc.,
  • holding regular meetings to discuss the significant issues, problems, challenges and initiatives,
  • having an Internet forum.


All policy positions and projects are adopted by the Forum on the basis of consensus by participating members – either through the Internet Forum and/or during meetings. These are initiated by the project/initiative leader who is responsible for identifying and developing the policy positions of the Forum as well as for the development of projects.