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Local Election Candidates

A gathering of ethnic minority and immigrant candidates who ran in the local elections June 2009 is going to be held on Saturday 26th September 2009 from 11-4pm in Dublin.

The purpose of this meeting is to bring together these candidates to reflect and share with one another on their experiences. Following the event these reflections could be documented as part of a needs analysis which could assist future candidates, organizations and parties to inform future work in the area of supporting potential immigrant and ethnic minority candidates in the coming years.   We feel that its important that all you learned in your efforts to put yourselves forward is shared and captured for candidates who go forward in future elections.

In July, Yinka Dixon a candidate in the elections, brought together many of the African candidates from the election to celebrate their efforts in an event entitled Hope Alive.

Following this event and talking with migrant candidates and other immigrant organizations after the election, it was felt it would be important for all immigrant candidates to have a space where they could talk freely with peers about their experiences and reflect on what went well in their campaigns and what barriers they faced in running for election.

As a result a number of organizations have agreed to facilitate such a meeting for the candidates, the meeting has no agenda regarding future work but aims first to simply create a space where candidates can discuss and record their experiences and is open to all candidates. We would hope that the discussions on this day would provide information for on what would be helpful in future efforts to support political leadership and future candidates from immigrant and ethnic minority communities, including for example suggestions on what information may have been helpful in advance of the election to assist you with your candidacy, what types of training which may have supported candidates in their election campaigns as well as an exploration in relation to barriers and opportunities for immigrant candidates. This information could then be available to any organizations who want to support efforts in the future.

If you are interested in joining in on this day and meeting with other immigrant candidates to celebrate your efforts and share your experiences we urge you to please come along. If you can please fill in the below form to rsvp.

Should you have suggestions regarding the agenda for the day its is open to your ideas so please email these on with the rsvp form or contacts us to talk.

To Send Notice of your attendance please email the following back to :

Candidate in Constituency Name
Name of Political Party Candidate of :
Independent Candidate Yes No
I will attend Saturday 26th September Yes No
I am not available to participate. I would be interested in attending another event and receiving updates about the event: Yes No
I am not available to participate Yes No


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