From 1st July 2011, a pilot project was launched by the HSE client registration Unit, introducing an online application form for MC. All applications will be directed in future to a single office in Finglas.

Traditional way of applying on hard copy application forms are still operational, this new system will gradually be improved as MC applications are centralised into a single office for the whole country;

The new system is due to cut back waiting time, but it is still a pilot and has its shortcomings. It gives the applicant the advantage to have an instant decision based on the information provided but supporting documents will be required to confirmed
the information provided.

There is an emergency provision for undocumented persons with a medical condition, without PPS no or no residential address. This category of applicants will need to have their applications supported with a letter from a GP, Social worker, consultant or
medical authority

For online MC website:

For more information contact Emilia @ Cairde.