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For the first time in Dublin


9th JULY @ 8pm
Banquet Hall @ Smock Alley
8 Lower Exchange Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 8
TICKETS – €15/€12 @

Absolutely unique in Poland and one of very few worldwide – performing their unusual dialog between pianos and percussions

“I was here, Frederic”

Combining harsh folk music with quotations of Chopin’s works juxtaposed in an unconventional and original way. A journey from the source, through inspiration, to a fascination with Chopin’s genius.

Magdalena Kordylasi?ska (percussion), Mi?osz P?kala (percussion), Emilia Sitarz (piano), Bart?omiej W?sik (piano)

Precision of interpretation, impetuosity, and a great gift for establishing direct contact with the audience
A perfect concert as well as a theatrical performance
Improvisation, sound experiments and surprising ideas

Winner of the 9th Polish Radio Festival „Nowa Tradycja”
Special Award at the European Broadcasting Union in Bratislava
Grand Prix, the Mayor of the City of Warsaw
“Late Junction” programme on BBC Radio 3