The Leadership Training Project

The Leadership Training Project is being co-organised by Forum Polonia in Ireland, the School of Leaders’ Association in Poland as part of their “School for Leaders for the Polish Community Abroad” programme, and the Polish Embassy in Dublin.

The aim of the programme is to further strengthen the position and role of the Polish community in Ireland. Furthermore, the programme aims to support the integration and participation of the Polish community in public and social life in Ireland.
It is designed for young leaders who are active in their local communities and who work, professionally or on a voluntary basis, for the Polish community in support of its integration in Irish society.
The programme will be based on a proven formula of supporting community leaders, which has been developed by the School of Leaders’ Association. This will be appropriately adapted to suit the situation in Ireland.
The four-day intensive programme, which will take place from 18-21 October in Dublin, will include study visits, seminars and workshops. Participants will have the opportunity to present their projects and initiatives to government institutions. They will also draw inspiration from each other’s work and previous experience, they will be given practical advice, and they
will have the chance to develop their skills in order to more efficiently work with teams, on projects, and in cooperation with Irish institutions. Last but not least, they will also learn how to effectively work with the media.