The Tell Me More on-line language course is available free of charge in the Open Learning Centre, Central Library ILAC Centre. This amazing course offers the student the opportunity to study 8 European languages through 15 Interface languages. One of the interface languages is Polish.

The course offers the student a complete learning path from beginners level to advanced / business. Each time that the student logs on they will be offered a menu of 37 activities to study. The voice recognition part of the course is especially useful as it measures the student’s pronunciation against that of native speakers. Students can download lessons in hard copy to study at their leisure. Study hours are logged, and a Certificate of Attendance issued to students of the Open Learning Centre after 50 hours of study. This is useful for FAS. Students can take tests each month, generated by the system. A TOEIC test is generated free of charge after 40 hours of study on Tell Me More Campus.

To use this system simply go to the Learning Centre, fill in a form, and apply for a Library Card. If you cannot go to the Centre because of work commitments, you can use the system at home, using the Internet. Demand for the course is high, and access will be given on a first come first served basis. Contact us as soon as possible as we particularly want to help the Polish Community during these difficult times.

To contact us; T; 01 8734333 Ext 4

We hope to hear from you soon.

Geraldine O`Brien
Senior Librarian
Open Learning Centre.