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Forum Polonia is calling all photographers living in Ireland.

On the 1st May 2004 Poland joined the European Union. Since then thousands of Poles have come to Ireland and found their home here.

In 2014 we celebrate 10 years of Polish membership in the  EU.  Forum Polonia would like to take this opportunity to organize  a  photo competition „Thank you Ireland”.

There are 122,585 Polish in Ireland, and each of us have our own story and reasons to say “Thank you” to Ireland and our Irish neighbours  (for the warm  welcome, for fulfilling our ambitions, for finding love, for job opportunities, and thousands more). Our Irish friends would surely have reasons to thank us for being here too.

We are inviting  you to submit photographs showing  a ‘’Thank you’’ of Irish – Polish friendship. The best twenty photographs along with a small description will be displayed in an exhibition in Dublin. The Jury will also award four main prices, which will be given to the author’s of the winning photographs.

You can submit up to 3 photographs at

Please include in your email a brief description explaining how the image portray the subject of the competition.

Deadline for entries is 14th July 2014.

• Ten weeks photo course with The Academy of Photography
• Two days landscape photography workshop with the
• Photo studio workshop with the 4th floor for photo
• Lightroom / Photoshop portrait retouching workshop with the 50Hz Photography

The top 20 photographs will be on view at the exhibition in Dublin in August 2014

The rules of the photo competition can be found below.

The photo competition is supported by The Embassy of Republic of Poland.

thank you ireland fp

Rules of the photography competition ‘’Thank you Ireland’’

1. The administrator

The administrator of this competition is Forum Polonia.

2. The objective of the competition

The objectives of the competition are as follows:

– promotion of the positive image of Polish migrants in Ireland,

– promotion of achievements and successes of Poles in Ireland,

– promotion of integration between the Poles and Irish people,

– environmental intergration of a Pole in Ireland,

– a celebration of the 10th anniversary of Poland’s entery to the European Union.

3. Participants

The competition is directed towards all amateur or professional photographers living in Ireland. Participants must be a legal age before or on 14th July 2014.

4. Agenda

The competition takes place from the 1st of May until 14th of July. Works delivered after the deadline will not be considered in the competition.

5. The object of the competition

An author’s photograph is the object of the competition.

The leading subject of the photographes should picture a ‘’Thank you’’ of Irish – Polish friendship

The images should express stories which illustrate what Polish people can be grateful for to Ireland and the Irish nation, and also what they would like to thank them for (eg. For their hospitality, for their work, for the possibility to fulfill oneself, for the love some found here), or the stories of the Irish citizens, who are grateful that Polish people live in Ireland.

The photographs should belong to one person only, and they should be accomplished by the participent of the competition without the help of any other parties.

Maximum of 3 works are permitted per candidate.

The photographes of size up to 8MB should be sent through email to: or through Dropbox or GoogleDrive.

Works should be in the JPG format (without compression) or TIPP in the minimal dimensions of 3266 x 2450 pikseli.

Each file should be titled following the scheme:   name_surname_title

With each photograph the participant should include a brief description of the photograph with the explanation how the image potrays the theme/subject of the competition, as well as the following details: when and where the image was taken, name, surname and contact details of the author. (max. 250 characters)

The administrator of the competition claims the rights to refuse any works that do not meet the above criteria.

The participant, by entering the competition declares that he holds full rights to the photographs he enters. Furthermore he declares his permission for multiple, free of charge publication of the work, name and surname in the promotions associated with the competition, the publishing house and the internet websites of ForumPolonia. Lastly, the participant allows for the use of his works for promotional and marketing purposes.

Entering of the works will be treated as an acceptance of the stated Rules. The participation in the competition acts as an acceptance for the processing of the author’s personal details by the Competition Administrator.

A Jury will be appointed to rate all the entered images. The Jury will choose works which will be showed at the post-competition gallery exhibition, and will allocate three main prices, which will be given to the author’s of the winning photographs on the opening day of the gallery exhibition.

The results of the competition will take place on the 30th of Septemeber 2014 at the latest.

6. Final provisions.

Responsibility for any violation of third party rights of the works entered will be fully applied in all cases.

The Competition Administrator reserves the right to use the entered works in publications of all sort and/or in any promotional actions (this also applies to the works which have not been nominated for an award).

No reward will be given to the participants of the competition for the use of their work by the Administrator. This is agreed upon the participant’s entry in the competiotion.

The Administrator of the competition reserves full rights to change any provisions of the above-stated Rules.

In the case of any not regulated matters, the Jury will be the main decision making body.