Polish Theatre Ireland invite you to another theatrical dialogue by presenting a FREE stage reading of the Polish play ‘Foreign Bodies’ written by Julia Holewińska and acknowledged by the Gdynia Drama Award committee as the best Polish drama in 2010.

'Foreign Bodies’ is the story of Adam, a political hero fighting with communism in Poland who changes his sex and turns into Ewa shortly after Poland gains freedom in 1989. But does political freedom mean personal freedom for Ewa? The play mixes the past with the present showing a dual imprisonment of an individual in two political systems.

The production of ‘Foreign Bodies’ is supported by: Embassy of the Republic of Poland and NLGF


By Julia Holewińska Translated by Artur Zapałowski
Directed by: Lianne O’Shea
Cast: Alicja Ayres, Raymond Keane, Kasia Lech, Oscar Mienandi
When: Sunday, 12th May 2013, 3pm
Where: The Front Lounge, 33-34 Parliament Street, Dublin 2 -> Map Here
Admission: free
RSVP to polishtheatre@gmail.com/
086 7757795