We? udzia? w badaniach dot. biznesów imigrantów

Forum Polonia chce zwróci? Pa?stwa uwag? na badania dot. przedsi?biorczo?ci mniejszo?ci etnicznych w Dublinie. Zach?camy wszystkich do kontaktu z Jackiem i uczestnictwa w badaniach, informacja poni?ej.

As a Fulbright Scholar in Dublin City Council I invite you, your colleagues and your network of associate to participate in my research on ethnic entrepreneurship supported by DCC.

About research:
The objectives of Dublin City Council in supporting my work here is to facilitate opportunities for new enterprise creation among the immigrant communities in Dublin City. The input resulting from these focus groups will help me to recommend proposals for public policy to achieve the objectives of immigrants establishing new enterprises in Dublin.

Focus groups:
The research involves focus groups that will meet to define issues, challenges, and opportunities for immigrants in becoming entrepreneurs. I am hopeful that we can organize several focus groups of 8-10 participants each that would meet for 2 – 4 hours one day or evening in early December of January.

I am trying to schedule a focus group for next week in the Civic Offices on Wood Quay in Block 4, Floor 3 with details to follow. It would probably be in one of the conference rooms at 2:00 PM on Tuesday, December 16th.

Another meeting with the Chinese community will take place this Wednesday, December 10th in the afternoon at the Sun Emerald offices at 45 Capel Street.

A meeting focusing on Eastern European immigrants is being arranged for the morning of Thursday January 8th, time and place to be arranged.

Finally, another group on the outskirts of the city is contemplated for Tuesday, January 6th in Tallaght, time and place to be arranged.

If you have a meeting place that you can make available, I would appreciate this information.

If one or more of these dates work for you, please let me know and I will be sure to follow-up with further details when I know for sure that a group will come together on a certain day.

If anyone is interested in participating
, they should forward a brief email to Jack.Pinkowski@dublincity.ie with FOCUS GROUPS in the subject line. I will return via email a brief questionnaire to collect contact details and preferences regarding times and places, possible formats, and suggestions for topics of discussion. If you can refer volunteers to offer translation services for these meetings that would be most welcome.